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We, the wine-makers from Bessa Valley, are inspired by this place as much as the Bessians were 2500 years ago.

Now we are the Bessians! It is our destiny to grow the vines of the Valley and make great wine from their fruit year after year.

Everything is done with the greatest respect for the nature, the people, the vines and its fruit. We are not in a hurry. We are not losing the harmony.

“I believe this is the philosophy of a Bordeaux resident – the intelligent collection of different sorts provides and brings a richer, more complex and harmonic wine. Today, many wines are sold which are labeled as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay… However, this is not what my wine culture is about.”

Count Stephan von Neipperg



The Beginning

Since ancient times Bulgaria has been famous for its winemaking and viniculture. It is known for sure that viticulture exists on Bulgarian lands since 4 000 BC.

The Valley was inhabited by the ancient Thracian tribe Bessi – fierce warriors and skilled priests to Dionysus.

Started 2001, region selected after lots of researches and special detailed analysis of the soil.

A plantation density of 5 000 vines per hectare and a maximum yield of 50 hl/ha are the main ways of controlling production and harvesting top-quality grapes.