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the source of all great wine

The Valley

Four thousand years ago merchants from Troy came to the West of the Black Sea, in the Land of Thrace to purchase the most famous ancient drink. Those were magical times. Thracian Kings went hunting for wild bulls and lions. The vine-growers from the Rhodope Mountains were enchanted by young Orpheus’s harp.
3 500 years ago, this was the valley of the Bessians, the most rebellious of Thracians. They safeguarded and kept the sanctuary of the God of wine and were known as the most competent in his cult’s rituals.
Hellenes from the south polis called it “Twice born” , Dionysus. Could that have been a prophecy about the revival of the Valley and its wine?
After the Great Migration of the People, the bloodline in the valley changed and different people came. The wine, however, remained. It was praised in the songs of the Bards from the West and the poems of the East poets.

The terroir of Bessa Valley

The soil is the source of all great wine. This concept, paramount, is defined as the complex interaction between soils and climates. This same concept has naturally led us to Bessa Valley. Located about 150 km southeast of Sofia, near Plovdiv, the terroir of Bessa Valley is based on clay and limestone soils.
This valley, bordered on the south by the Rhodope Mountains, and north by the hills of about 230 m above sea level, offers an ideal location. The winds are rushing offset the excess temperatures, hot or cold, continental climate related. It also benefits from the influence of the Maritsa River, which flows some kilometers away.
The wines from these great clay-limestone soils provide power and structure, but also acidity and minerality. By soil type, some particular attention was paid to the selection of rootstocks, very qualitative and productive. Merlot is the majority (53%), as based on the terroirs. Other varieties (Syrah 25% Petit Verdot and 12% Cabernet Sauvignon 10%) occupy the upper parts of the hills.

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First Production

Bordeaux wines Blends of classically French grape varieties, which include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot.


Respect for the terroir naturally carries over to the cellar. In order to retain their inherent goodness, the grapes are handpicked and not crushed. They go directly into vat and via gravity flow and fruit from each plot is kept separate.


Red Wine

Obtaining their red coloring and tannins by extracting the latter from the skin and soaking the skins in the juice during maceration. This process of maceration provides the wine with its aroma and tannic structure.


Allowing wine to mature is essential as this results in a clear liquid and allows the various components of the wine to mix. During this process, the wines stabilize their colour, develop their aromatic potential and blend into a harmonious and balanced product.


Oak barrels

Our wine matures in oak barrels reaching the most complex varieties.


Or blending is a method of combining different grape varieties to create a rich and harmonious wine.

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‘A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.”

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