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NewsTrifon Zarezan at Bessa Valley 2019

Trifon Zarezan at Bessa Valley 2019

Bessa Valley employees, partners, local state officials and friends gathered to celebrate the day of Trifon Zarezan this 14th of February 2019. The Bulgarian tradition of ritual cutting of the vines is centuries old and celebrates the ancient cult of god Dionysus – patron of wine, joy and vines. The Sun was bathing Bassa Valley plots and helped make the day that much more special for all our guests.



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Limited edition ENIRA🫶

Spectacular wine consisting of all 4 of our red grape varieties – Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.

Gorgeous bouquet consists of fruity aromas dominated by plum, forest fruits, dark chocolate and vanilla. The taste is sappy and round. The structure is masterly done fill with soft tannins showing wine potential and right harvest time. Splendid harmony and finesse. Avery long and promising final.😏

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Bessa Valley Winery is using French oak barrels for the smokey wooden aroma of the aged red wines.

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