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BlogThe Neipperg Bordeaux wine-making tradition

The Neipperg Bordeaux wine-making tradition

An Exquisite History: The Neipperg Family's Long-Standing Wine-Making Tradition

Canon La Gaffeliere ©François Poincet

Bessa Valley winery is truly special: with its perfect conditions for growing and the expertise of our most prominent wine specialists.

Together with one of our owners Count Stephan von Neipperg, we have the unique opportunity to continue the family tradition of winemaking that has been passed down through generations, all the way back to the 13th century. Our direct stream of ancestral knowledge allows us to produce some of the finest quality wines in the world.

Château d'Aiguilhe - Stephan von Neipperg & his son Ludovic ©Brice Braastad

We have an appreciation for the history and craftsmanship that has been passed down, and strive to honor our legacy with every bottle we produce. With this legacy in mind, we continually aim to create wines that are a reflection of our rich heritage and a celebration of both of our German and French family tradition of vine-growing and winemaking, but we add a modern twist to it. Through our commitment to quality and excellence, we are proud to share our wines with the world.

Let us tell you a story that will take you through the space and time of family wine making…

Château D'aiguilhe ©Brice Braastad

The von Neipperg family is a prestigious and esteemed noble family with a long, distinguished history of greatness.

Adam Albert von Neipperg with his first wife Theresia Countess Pola and the children Alfred (left) and Ferdinand (right)

The family has made wine in Germany since the 13th century, and viticulture has never stopped being a central part of their life. The custodian of some 800 years of winegrowing tradition, the talented Stephan von Neipperg manages the Bordeaux estates acquired by his family in 1971. Assisted by a team of professionals, he has brought some of the best wines from his châteaux into Bulgarian winemaking in the Thracian Valley.

Clos De L'oratoire © François Poincet

Today’s heritage of Vignobles Comtes von Neipperg winery was officially established in the year 1971 in Saint-Emilion; each estate has its own facility in the Bordeaux region of France.


As you know, Saint-Emilion is one of the most renowned wine regions in the world, known for its rich history and the high quality of its wines.

Clos De L'oratoire © François Poincet

The Vignobles Comtes von Neipperg wines are known for their elegance, complexity, and balance. Wines aged in oak barrels for several months, and are released “en primeurs” before bottling.


Bessa Valley’s co-owner Count Stephan von Neipperg is a renowned figure in the world of winemaking. Born in Schwaigern, Germany in June 1957, he attended universities in Paris and Montpellier, where he studied Business, Economics and Politics, as well as Winery and Oenology. He is a co-owner of Bessa Valley, where he has implemented his Bordeaux-style expertise in Bulgarian winemaking.

“We decided to do something very special, like we do in Bordeaux. Taking a specific area. If you have an outstanding terroir, you are able to produce an outstanding wine. And the soil here is rich, meaning freshness, complexity, profoundness and finesse”

We are honored to mix together the classic French winemaking know-how and the ancient potent  land of the Thracian,  that fill the air with the magic of the process and keep these traditions alive!


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