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NewsMarc Dworkin took part of wine tasting of enira wines in Tokyo

Marc Dworkin took part of wine tasting of enira wines in Tokyo

The Enira wines were presented in Tokyo during a visit of Marc Dworkin. Japan is a main export country of Domaine Bessa Valley. Firstly, Mr. Dworkin visited restaurant TENDER, which has been offering Enira wines to its guests for four years. In order to present the new wines of Domaine Bessa Valley, Mr. Dworkin met Mr. Nagaoka in the ASAKA YOMO restaurant. Mr. Nagaoka owns an amazing cellar. Enira wines have been part of it for nearly 5 years. During the meeting Mr. Dworkin, Mr. Nagaoka and his sommelier – Takumi Ueshin, tasted Enira Rosé Grande Cuvee, Enira Reserva 2010, Syrah and Grande Cuvée 2011. The tasting of the new wines continued in a group of other restaurants (Pont Du Gard, Gare de Lyon, Paul, Termini, Matlisa, Gigino, Waterloo), who also offer the Enira wines. Mr. Dworkin managed to visit also the BA-TSU brasserie and tasted the wines with the sommelier Michitoshi Sano and Daisuke Andou – assistant manager, who liked the wines and asked questions about Domaine Bessa Valley and Bulgaria. The brasserie also has been selling Enira wines for several years. The visit continued with a nice dinner at Azabu Retoro, hosted by Madame Yajima, a great fan of Enira Reserva. Several Enira wines, offered in Tokyo by Vintners, were also tasted: Petit Enira 2011, Enira 2011, Cabernet 2014, Rosé Grande Cuvée 2015, Enira Reserva 2007, Enira Reserva 2009, Enira Reserva 2011. Mr. Dworkin gave details for the wines and explained their qualities. During the second day in Tokyo Mr. Dworkin had lunch at CUSTOM, owned by Mrs. Sakurai Hiroko, who served Enira Reserva. Mr. Dworkin also visited TIMAYA and met Mr. Takuya Sango. In the beginning they offered Enira and Enira Reserva and now their wine list was expended with Syrah, Rosé and Grande Cuvee 2011. In Tokyo Mr. Dworkin took part of a meeting with Hiroyuki Ohama in BIRD GRILL TORINO and YAKITORI, who will now offer to the clients Enira Reserva and Grande Cuvée 2011. The second day ended with dinner at GINZA DE WINE – meat restaurant, with Mr. Kawabata, the Sommelier, who has been offering Enira for four years. The third day of the visit started with lunch with Mr Yuta Suyama at DISH OF LIFE, which has been offering the Enira wine for three years. Mr. Suyama congratulated Domaine Bessa Valley for the quality of the wines. Then Mark Dworkin visited CELLAR DAIMASU and met Maki OBI, who asked question about the different wines and vintages. Dworkin also had a meal at restaurant PREMIUM DINING INC with Mrs. Tagushi Haruyna (manager) and Mr. Nozumo Ohama (sommelier). The place has been offering Enira wines for 3 years. During the meeting the hosts were impressed by the Rosé and Grand Cuvee 2011. Marc Dworkin visited the cellar authority, where people also asked questions on Rosé and Grand Cuvee 2011. The place is still promoting the Enira wines. Day three continued at Cave de Relax with a meeting with Mr. Takenori Beppu, who is a fan of Enira wines. He tasted the new wines and was impressed by Rosé, Syrah and Grand Cuvee 2011. He aslo asked questions about technics, soils, terroir. During day 4 there was wine tasting at L’ACADEMIE DU VIN and a visit of a cellar. Then Marx Dworkin had a meeting at LOSMILEVE with the owner Mr. Atsushi Sasaki.

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