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NewsHarvest 2020 is underway at Bessa Valley vineyards and we are delighted with the quality of the grapes.

Harvest 2020 is underway at Bessa Valley vineyards and we are delighted with the quality of the grapes.

2020 was a very good year for the Bessa Valley vineyards. We had mild winter, long and cool spring, followed by warm summer with daily temperatures reaching up to 32 degrees. The moderate and even monthly rainfall and climatic conditions during and after the veraison were extremely favourable for the vine. This allowed for a longer vegetation period as well as a gradual technological maturity of the grapes.

The analyzes of the grapes and their tasting showed that the ripening process is smooth, reaching optimal parameters of sugars, titratable acidity and pH in September for Merlot and Syrah varieties, and October for Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The average expected yield for Besa Valley this year is approx. 650 kg / daa. We started the grape harvest in early September by picking the white varieties Marsanne, Rusanne and Viognier. The average yields of the three varieties were 800 kg / daa with excellent sanitary condition and quality of the grapes! Our white wines are produced by classic French technology with direct pressing of the grapes and we expect to repeat and even exceed the extremely successful white wine harvest of 2019!

This year we are counting once again on the Syrah and Petit Verdot varieties for the production of rosé wines. The two varieties separately or combined fully met our expectations for the production of fresh and aromatic wines.

The processing of the grapes this year is done with a new Vaslin Bucher reception line, which ensures that only well-selected and ripe grapes enter our reinforced concrete tanks.

All this makes us confident that another successful year for Besa Valley winery is underway.

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