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What is better than wine, when it comes to the warm atmosphere we create for the holiday season. This time we have some special wine pairing proposals for you, that will rock your festive table!

For a savory holiday feast, pair a rich red wine such as Domaine Bessa Valley Reserva. This is a spectacular blend consisting of all 4 of our red grape varieties – Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. The wine has a quite a dark garnet colour. Gorgeous bouquet consists of fruity aromas. Combine with dishes like roast beef, lamb, and ham.

For a light and refreshing holiday dinner, try our Domaine Bessa Valley Roussanne 2020. White wine with most delicate touch of rich and complex floral aromas and flavors of peaches, pears, honey, nuts and hay along with mineral notes to pair with poultry and seafood dishes.

For a sweeter holiday dinner, pair a young limited edition Domaine Bessa Valley Syrah 2017 – spicy character, density and depth with more decadent desserts such as pumpkin pie, gingerbread, and fruit tarts.

For a holiday brunch, opt for a Enira Rose 2021 to pair with omelets, quiche, and other egg dishes.

And also, we all have that experience with the all-day holiday party, with loads of emotions, so consider our Cabarnet Enira 2020 to pair with cheese and charcuterie platters to soothe you! Holidays are for family, feasts and joy, but don’t forget to consume and treat yourself with awareness and, of course, with love.

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