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NewsDomaine Bessa Valley with a new visual identity inspired by Panagyurishte Thracian Gold Treasure

Domaine Bessa Valley with a new visual identity inspired by Panagyurishte Thracian Gold Treasure

Domaine Bessa Valley presents a new visual identity of Enira wine labels. It is entirely inspired by Thracian treasures and the beauty of the legends, connected to the region. The used patterns are from Panagyurishte Thracian Gold Treasure and Orpheus’s lyre. Lion, flower, vine and strings give shape to the Domaine Bessa Valley’s new label.

The idea of the new visual identity came a year ago, when a designer from the French team of count Stephan von Neipperg (the owner of Domaine Bessa Valley) watched 1965 commercial of Bulgaria. Scenes of rose picking, Bulgarian beaches, mountains and monasteries were included in the short movie. The beauty and the charm of our country arose the designer’s interest and after a while, he was fascinated by the amazing history of Bulgaria and its regions.

Ancient Thracia impressed Count Von Neipperg’s French team with its mystery. The little which is known for the ancient tribes, is given by the pottery, murals and treasures that remain as a cultural heritage.

“In the beginning the label was good for a new project as Bessa Valley was at that time”, said Count Stephan von Niepperg about the outgoing identity of Enira wines. “Now, after 13 successful years on the Bulgarian wine market, we found that the best quality and style to which we aspire, require some changes. I believe that the new visual identity is an important step in Domaine Bessa Valley development and in the same time it reminds our culture, roots and success”.

So far, the wines with new label are Enira 2009, Enira Reserva 2008, Enira Reserva 2009, Cabernet 2011, Petit Enira 201, Duo 2010, Syrah 2010 and Rose 2010 and 2013.

The main elements used in Domaine Bessa Valley new logo:

The tiara with the lion

Thracians are known with their their goldsmiths’ mastery and genius. The golden treasures, found in Bulgaria, are amongst the oldest ones in the world (Panagyurishte Thracian Gold Treasure). They consist of different patterns – animals, nature and decorations.

Used motif: a lion, a flower, a vine.

Another potential motif: a woman figure

Orpheus’s lyre

According to the legend Orpheus was a son of Thracian god of rivers Eagar and the nymph Calioppa. He was a tamer of the wild nature with his charm and amazing gift as a musician and a singer. According to the legend his lyre had seven strings.

Used motif: the strings of the lyre used to write the name of Enira wine

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