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NewsDomaine Bessa Valley Grande Cuvée 2013 is the winner of DiVino 2017 award

Domaine Bessa Valley Grande Cuvée 2013 is the winner of DiVino 2017 award


Domaine Bessa Valley Grande Cuvée 2013 is the winner of DiVino 2017 ranking for the highest rated Bulgarian dry red wine!

After seven years Domain Bessa Valley returned to the top of our ranking and deserved the honourable first place because:

– they are constant and persistent
– take great care in laboring their vines
– make wines with characteristic and recognizable style
– are a great advert for the Bulgaria brand with their wines all over the world

The key figures behind Bessa Valley are count Stephan von Neipperg, owner of six wine cellars in Bordeaux, the German investor Dr. Karl-Heinz Hauptmann, who is the main shareholder of Bessa Valley in partnership with two other Bulgarian investors.

The oenologists at Bessa Valley are led by the French consultant Marc Dworkin, who has been the leading force behind Bessa Valley in the last almost 20 years. The project is built, led and organized in the best traditions of  Bordeaux. If we have to speak about Terroir, or said in other words the intricate combination of nature, climate and men, then look no further than Bessa Valley – a real French chateau on Bulgarian land.


Bessa Valley is located amongst hills, bordered on the south by the Rhodope Mountains, and north by Maritsa river, which offers an ideal location. The climate is continental, with rushing winds offsetting the extreme temperatures. The terroir of Bessa Valley is made of clay and limestone soils. The valley, surrounded by hills, is only open from East and West, which creates the ideal air flow for the vines.

Domaine Bessa Valley Grande Cuvee 2013 is a blend of the classical French varieties Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon from the best plots of the valley. Grapes are handpicked and carefully processed with minimal treatment. The wine is then matured for eighteen months in French oak barrels.



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