Four thousand years ago merchants from Troy came to the West of the Black Sea, in the Land of Thrace to purchase the most famous ancient drink. Those were magical times.

Thracian Kings went hunting for wild bulls and lions. The vine-growers from the Rhodope Mountains were enchanted by young Orpheus’s harp.

3,500 years ago, this was the valley of the Bessians, the most rebellious of Thracians. They safeguarded and kept the sanctuary of the God of wine and were known as the most competent in his cult’s rituals.

Hellenes from the south polis called it “Twice born”, Dionysus. Could that have been a prophecy about the revival of the Valley and its wine?

After the Great Migration of the People, the bloodline in the valley changed and different people came. The wine however, remained. It was praised in the songs of the Bards from the West and the poems of the East poets.