How to order

Avendi is the official distributor of Enira in Bulgaria.

7 Iskarsko Chausse Blvd.
Trade Center Europe
Tel. / fax. 02/9731181
To order:
02/978 9784, 02/978 9847, 02/973 1181 or contact Bilyana Popova at +359887660662

152 Vasil Levski Str.
Tel/fax 032 /950540

281 Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd.
Dimiat Base
Tel. 052/ 50 50 90
Fax 052/ 44 99 05 or contact Nikolay Stoyanov at +359888531327

Northern Industrial Zone (behind Volkswagen’s service center)
Tel. / fax. 056/ 583192

You can buy Enira wine straight from the winery. Click here to learn more about tastings and wine tourism.

Distributors worldwide:

France: Maison Laboisseraie

Germany, Denmark, Austria: TxB International Fine Wines

United Kingdom: TxB International Fine Wines and Laithwaites Wine

Switzeland: Weinkellereien Aarau

Romania: Winero

China: Qingdao Great River Hill Winery

Japan: Vintners Inc

Hong Kong: Sens Wine Cellar

Belgium: Texavino

Czech Republic: Vino & Spol