Easy by Enira 2008

Easy by Enira 2008 possesses the characteristics of quiet wines and is dry in composition. This wine contains all the depth and richness of the Merlot variety. The wine is vinified according to the classic French technology and 50% of it has matured for 10 months in French oak barrels

Easy by Enira 2008 impresses with its freshness and the intensive, deep ink color with ethereal gleams. The complex nose with a touch of forest fruits, smoke and plum captivates with its intensity and intertwines in the mouth, which is lively and overwhelming. Typical for this wine are the delicate and sweet tannins which highlight its unique gustatory aroma.

The wine enchants with freshness, silky softness, warmth and depth. Rich and harmonious, it has a moderate length and wonderful, spicy aftertaste.