Rose Grand Cuvee 2015

Grape varieties:

34% Syrah

60% Petit Verdot

3% Merlot

3% C.Sauvignon

Date of harvest:

04.09.2015 Syrah

17.09.2015 Petit Verdot

07.09.2015 Merlot

08.09.2015 C.Sauvignon


The grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected on sorting tables. There is a special press process elaborated for this singular wine. There is a cold fermentation for 20 days at 14°C maximum. The wine ages in tanks for 3 - 6 months before bottling. It is stabilized and filtered.


 Attractive light pink salmon color with orange shades. Aromas are rich and complex. Thiol flavor dominates with flowers, white cherries, and strawberries. Well formed with tight body. The mouth is soft with long and memorable final.